Friday, August 3, 2012

Hey it's Saturday one week until mum and dad leave to Hawaii for eight days we are going to stay with
Nana for. It's going to be a Sunday when the come back and the next day it's my BIRTHDAY!!!!!!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

I'm back!!!!!!! I haven't been on this for ages, but i'm so i hope you like my updater'd blog. thanks

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Family Times

In the weekend we went to Nana's and Poppa's to stay Saturday night. We cooked dinner on the BBQ and Nana, A9, S4 and I went up to the video shop to get some movies, we got Soccer Dog and Sky High. We watched Sky High that night and Soccer Dog in the morning.

After Soccer Dog, we went to Aunty R house to play with our cousins R5 and M4. Aunty R and I cut out shapes and made fairy bread, and we had marshmellows, popcorn, cheese on biscuits, pineapple and fairy bread for morning tea.

Then Mum and Dad picked us up and we went to Granddad and B. While we were there we had lunch, we went in the spa, played with the Chester, played on a big play board and looked through Granddads telescope.

It was a wonderful weekend.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter Weekend at Algies 2008

I went on holiday on Easter weekend at Algies Bay. I met three friends, Sophie, Sophie, and Tiggy, we played on the tramp, tried to fish for sprats, we made a fising bowl, and we found drift wood that looked like reindeer antelers so we tried to make a reindeer in the sand.

Mr Algie took us on his speed boat, it was lots of fun. We saw a shipwreck, we crashed on big waves which wet us because we were sitting at the front of the boat, and Mr Algie dropped us off at Mansion House on Kawau Island and we had a ice block and walked across to Ladies Bay were he picked us up again. We looked at the copper mines and got off the boat and walked around a little island with pretty white shells. It was funny when I drove the speed boat, I went around in circles about three times, it was hard to steer.

We went to the Reptile Park and we looked at lizards, skinks, monkeys that raised their eye brows, American aligators, turtles, sand monitor, and tortises. At the beginning it started raining and half way around it poured.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Fernlea Cafe

After golf on Saturday we went to a cafe for ice cream and coffee. We played on the playground, in the sandpit and had ice cream which had coloured sugar on top. We had a game of petanque, I was good at it, I managed to beat everyone at least once. I played with D11 twice, Dad five times, A9 once, S4 once and Mum four times.

Golfing Range

On Saturday we went out golfing, I hit one over 50m. First of all I did useless ones, most times I missed it but once Daddy gave me a short lesson, mine went far away. Mummy kept hitting the barrier beside her with her balls and Daddy kept hitting them for miles. I loved golfing at the end when I could hit the ball.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Going Out Party

On Saturday we went to go to my big cuzzies party. We had lots of yummy food, I liked the chips and dip, and the sushi. When it was dark they put some disco lights on and had a smoke machine. L11, A9 and I, jumped over the smoke and it was so smokey that we can't see much. L11 and A9 they doing handstands and L11 fell over me when she was doing hand stands. We stayed up really late, and had lots of fun, we left at 11.30pm.